• Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click

    With the growth of the Internet over the last 10 years to become the largest advertising medium in the UK, being able to compete within a crowded market is essential. We are able to deliver effective low cost PPC campaigns that allow our clients to develop strong, long term sales growth.

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  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing

    Being able to maintain relations with your existing client base is essential in today’s competitive markets. Email marketing is no longer simply a matter of sending out a couple of email every so often. Professionally designed and targeted campaigns are the best way of achieving long term success.

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  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    This is rapidly becoming the largest growth area for online marketing. But understanding how it works can be confusing. We take onboard your long term goals, deliver relevant content for your website on a regular basis and most importantly ensure that it is effectively promoted within the social media environment.

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  • Press Advertising
    Press Advertising

    Despite the growth of online advertising, press campaigns are still vital to many successful marketing campaigns. We understand the industry and how to best achieve the right results and then blend these with your other multi media strategies.

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  • Radio Advertising
    Radio Advertising

    Radio provides a highly creative environment with which to engage with your audience. Creatively you can speak to your customers on a one to one basis that allows you to not only build brand awareness but also provides key support to your other marketing platforms. With effective media buying, radio advertising can be the perfect accompaniment to any campaign.

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  • Affiliate & Viral Marketing
    Affiliate & Viral Marketing

    Online advertising can be incredibly diverse. Alongside more obvious solutions such as PPC, PPA and banner ads, Viral marketing and affiliate campaigns offer the advertiser the opportunity to have campaigns that almost pay for themselves. We advise all our clients on the best solution for them.

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What we offer

Advertising and Marketing

As an advertising agency we know that digital marketing forms only part of a company's promotional strategy. That is why we look to integrate all forms of advertising and marketing that are available to a business. By doing so it allows for a more successful marketing campaign to be built.

So if you are looking for help and advice on how to improve your advertising or are looking at launching a new marketing initiative, we can help.

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It's this integrated approach that means we also provide a range of services to make this happen, they include:

Media Planning and Buying

We work with you to help you determine your target markets, the goals you have to reach and which media best suits your needs. We will then plan a campaign and negotiate with those media owners to secure effective advertising campaigns that come in on budget. With our background in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Online, Outdoor and Direct Mail, we are able to provide insights to your media strategy that can really make the difference.

Creative Design

No matter which medium you are producing for, high quality creative design always starts with a good idea. Then through proper implementation, using professional people and systems, you end up with the right product. Our creative team can help you develop your own ideas or come up with original concepts, we then follow those through the various stages of production, until you get a product you feel happy with and we know can be effective.

We work across a range of areas including; Corporate Branding, Photoshop Editing, Font Design, Press, Radio, Outdoor and Website design.

Public Relations (PR)

When people talk about PR, what most of them are actually referring to is 'media relations', and what they want is press coverage. If done well, it's generally considered to be one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools you can employ. This is in the main because of the potential that positive press coverage has to transform the fortunes of a business or an organisation. Good PR is a combination of a wide variety of skills, blending creativity with high quality copywriting skills, a journalists' ability to spot a story with the determination to 'sell' hard on a clients' behalf to get the right results. Whether you are looking for a Press Release to cover a new launch or opening or want an ongoing relationship with the press, we can help.

SEO, Video & Social Media Marketing

Now more than ever, onsite content and good search engine optimisation (SEO) practices are crucial to the successful promotion of a website. Social Media Marketing has become the new watch word for all successful online campaigns and we provide productive strategies to give your site maximum exposure through essential SEO techniques.

Coupled with our successful Video Blogging and promotion packages, we can deliver exceptional results fast.

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SEO (Blogging and Video content)

Gone are the days of posting up static content onto a website, add a few keywords and sit back and wait. With the diminishing relevance of Metatag keywords to determine search positions, onsite content and linking strategies have become the most important areas for webmasters to consider, when promoting their websites.

In recent years blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon. With around 1.5 billion people using the internet as a means for reading news and researching new products, blogs have become a fundamental source to advertise a brand. Incorporating a blog or news pages into your site provides you with a source of continually changing, relevant, keyword rich content for your site, which search engines use to build your rankings.

This can be further added to by incorporating a video blog or other video content. Search engines are hungry for video and index them quickly and highly. The right use of good quality video production and keyword palcement can deliver exceptional results in a very short time. Coupled with the falling costs of video production, it's no longer the sole domain of the big brands.

Unfortunately, many people don't know where to start or how to carry on. This is why we provide a simple easy solution that ensures you can start driving new traffic to your website quickly and easily, without having to roll up your own sleeves.

Social Media Marketing

Blogging is a powerful online marketing tool for promoting your company's identity and acts as a convenient way to interact with your customers. Not only will your company thrive in the search engines, but you will also generate a considerable increase in traffic arriving at your site.

But having a blog is only the first step. To enable your blog to achieve maximum exposure and therefore build the SEO value inherent in it, you need to promote your blog through the use of Social Media Marketing strategies.

Interacting with relevant niche networks online generates links, driving visitors back to your site; this is called 'Link Juice'. By publishing content and comments among these networks you are building up relationships with potential customers, while also encouraging others to resubmit your content elsewhere and include you in their own content.

By outsourcing your social media marketing, you get all the benefits of this strategy without having to try and do it yourself. Most of your competitors will already by actively promoting on the web, so can you afford to ignore it?

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become increasingly popular because, apart from it being very cheap, it lets you proactively target your potential customers on an individual basis, rather than wait for them to find you.

However, with this increase in popularity, it is becoming ever more difficult to stand out from the crowd, which is why it's important to make sure you have an expert on your side.

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With systems becoming ever more adept as removing spam before they even get to the inbox, good design practice is key to running successful email campaigns. At The Media Cube we work with you to ensure your design follows industry guidelines to enable better delivery and proper visibility with all the current email viewers.

All campaigns we broadcast are also backed up with a full reporting structure, so you can see who has opened your emails, what they found interesting and most importantly, to meet with spamming guidelines, who has unsubscribed.

Email Newsletter

It's a challenge for small businesses with limited marketing resources and budgets to get the word out to a variety of audiences. Customers, prospects, vendors and potential partners are all important connections. The Media Cube will show you how you can develop those connections and build relationships that pay off over time through the use of regular monthly newsletters.

E-mail newsletters maintain interest in your company while being a lower cost alternative to printed brochures and direct mail fliers. An e-mail newsletter can differentiate your products and services from your competitor's while building deeper, trusted relationships with clients and prospects.

The payoff? An e-mail newsletter lets a business cultivate contacts and build a network of relationships. A good newsletter makes your business look more advanced and more professional than your competitors. You'll build your brand and credibility and drive more traffic to your Web site.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Online advertising is an important aspect for attracting new customers towards your site. Having an effective Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in place will ensure that your ads attract the desired visitors you want. However with ever increasing levels of competition it’s vital you ensure your campaign is operating efficiently, or you will find you’re wasting money.

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If you get frustrated trying to make Google work for you, we can set up your campaign from scratch and have it delivering profitable results without you having to learn it yourself. Whether your budget is £200 a month or £200 a day, we always work the same way. Together we will discuss the best budget and target areas suited to your needs, decide on the right keywords to attract customers, as well as which negative keywords to use to avoid attracting the wrong kind of leads, write attractive effective Adword copy and then continue to manage and tweak your campaign over time to achieve the best results possible.

Whether you are looking to start a campaign from scratch or have one that needs improving, we can take your for you and within a month, have turned it around so that it starts giving you the results you need.

Our Services

Do you want something tailored for your company? Contact us and see what we can do for you.

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