• Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click

    With the growth of the Internet over the last 10 years to become the largest advertising medium in the UK, being able to compete within a crowded market is essential. We are able to deliver effective low cost PPC campaigns that allow our clients to develop strong, long term sales growth.

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  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing

    Being able to maintain relations with your existing client base is essential in today’s competitive markets. Email marketing is no longer simply a matter of sending out a couple of email every so often. Professionally designed and targeted campaigns are the best way of achieving long term success.

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  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    This is rapidly becoming the largest growth area for online marketing. But understanding how it works can be confusing. We take onboard your long term goals, deliver relevant content for your website on a regular basis and most importantly ensure that it is effectively promoted within the social media environment.

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  • Press Advertising
    Press Advertising

    Despite the growth of online advertising, press campaigns are still vital to many successful marketing campaigns. We understand the industry and how to best achieve the right results and then blend these with your other multi media strategies.

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  • Radio Advertising
    Radio Advertising

    Radio provides a highly creative environment with which to engage with your audience. Creatively you can speak to your customers on a one to one basis that allows you to not only build brand awareness but also provides key support to your other marketing platforms. With effective media buying, radio advertising can be the perfect accompaniment to any campaign.

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  • Affiliate & Viral Marketing
    Affiliate & Viral Marketing

    Online advertising can be incredibly diverse. Alongside more obvious solutions such as PPC, PPA and banner ads, Viral marketing and affiliate campaigns offer the advertiser the opportunity to have campaigns that almost pay for themselves. We advise all our clients on the best solution for them.

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The Media Cube is an advertising and marketing agency located in the London and Kent area.

We specialise in providing mixed media marketing solutions to companies that integrate online with their traditional advertising plans.

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As a London advertising agency, we pride ourselves on producing highly targeted, successful marketing campaigns that deliver the maximum return on investment for our clients.

Whatever your budget, we are here to help you get the most from your money. We can show you how to define your target audience, explain how to reach them effectively, how to develop effective marketing strategies and how you can do this while still making it affordable. 

About The Media Cube

As an advertising and marketing agency, we look to develop an ongoing strategy which can be seamlessly incorporated into your current media choices, ensuring you have a fully integrated approach to gaining new business.

As part of this process we also provide a creative design service, producing dynamic and effective campaigns across all media types, as well as a creative writing service for email newsletter campaigns and professional business blogging.

The media landscape can be a large and confusing place and often it can be hard to decide where to start. Our success is built on our commitment, to our customers and to ourselves. So whatever your needs might be, let us give you the marketing strategy you deserve.

Who we've worked with

  • Whitehouse Group

    The Whitehouse Group is a private, family owned Company with nearly 70 years experience in motor retailing. They are the largest independent Motor Group in Kent and The Media Cube was instrumental in developing a successful marketing plan across the entire company. We were asked to centralise all the media planning and buying, as well as the creative work, PR and developing online marketing strategy. This helped the Group to better control costs, as well as benefit from large central buying power.

  • EDC

    EDC is Kent's Premier Digital Sound and Vision Centre, specialising in Plasma and LCD TV's as well as Home Cinema systems and with our expertise as a Kent Advertising Agency we were able to provide them with exactly the expertise they needed. In our time with them we have helped them to continually change their advertising strategy and update their creative design to keep pace with consumer demands. Recently our client wanted to completely change their brand image as well as launch a product extension. As their incumbent agency, we were asked to handle the entire project from store design to advertising implementation.

  • For The Love of Life

    This client is a holistic healthy living expert. They desperately needed our website design services, as they needed a new website that would better reflect their goals and approaches to health as well as provide a more flexible site to manage content and prices. We were able to brief this project to fit within a very tight budget and deliver it on time.

  • John Nike Leisuresport

    Our client is the largest snow and ice sports Company based in the UK. The Company is proud to have centres in Bracknell, Llandudno, Chatham, Plymouth, Swadlincote and Bristol. They were looking for help to develop a more structured approach to their advertising that would enable them to bring in new customers from a wider catchment area. By working closely with them to build on the experience they already had, we were able to suggest new media alternatives, which allowed them to increase sales even through a difficult trading period.

  • Langvale Homes

    Langvale Homes success is built on their ability to combine stunning and stylish architecture with unique living solutions. Every home is designed with life in mind, and every aspect of their homes reflects this. They manage every aspect from design to customer care, in-house which helps them ensure that the standards they set themselves are not just met, but exceeded, time and time again. We were asked to help them realise there professional approach in the advertising design as well as to help them find the best routes to market and build a successful marketing campaign for them.

  • The Motor Connection

    The Motor Connection is an online motor broker that helps customers to buy new vehicles with the latest UK specifications at the best prices possible. We were asked to help them from a start up position which meant we had to design a corporate brand for them, a fully integrated website that would work with a back office system that required considerable coding, through to print and online advertising. Being an online company their pay per click (PPC) campaign was crucial to delivering a successful marketing campaign which we were able to deliver to them on time and on budget.

  • SG Smith

    The SG Smith Motor Group founded in 1938 has been synonymous with the Motor Trade in South London for over 60 years. The Group combines the benefits of private family ownership with sufficient size and scale to be totally competitive in today's highly contested Vehicle market both in Sales and Aftersales. We became involved with them as they realised that traditional forms of advertising were no longer delivering the results they needed and that an online marketing campaign was essential to building long term growth. We have helped them to build a new website from the ground up that has the flexibility to adapt to changing online marketing strategies. We have instigated PPC campaigns as well as email marketing campaigns to allow them to better use their most valuable resource, their existing customer base.

  • Millennium Worldwide

    Millennium Worldwide specialise in overseas property purchases across the globe. They take pride in the fact that they know the territory, and that they will be there to guide customers through the sometimes-daunting process of overseas home-buying. What they found was that they needed help to develop their own successful marketing campaign. So we were asked to develop some new creative designs for print as well as undertake their media buying for them.

  • Wilmot Lynne

    Wilmot Lynne & Co is a retirement management specialists. Their staff have been specialising in pensions and investments for 22 years. Whether it has been helping individuals plan and fund for retirement; companies plan, fund and administer their corporate schemes; or releasing funds for members to use, they have been at the coalface. We were asked to update their press campaign with a new look and more cost effective media buying.

  • FAAC

    FAAC is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of access automation systems, with over 40 years' experience and thousands of systems installed. We were approached by their marketing agency to provide assistance with the implementation of their campaign. We were able to provide a detailed media schedule describing the rationale behind each titles selection, along with negotiated prices highlighting the discounts achieved. As we can operate as an outsourced department for agencies, we can relive the pressure without adding to the cost, as well as provide our expertise to areas of media planning and buying.

  • King Homes

    The Construction Division, A & L King (Builders) Ltd, are amongst the foremost construction companies in Central Scotland. As a company with huge experience in the construction market they already know what they want. What they need is help getting it! We are able to provide a keen media buying service that enables them to get the most out of their media choices. By careful negotiation with the relevant media owners we can ensure their budget is put to the best use, enabling cost savings across the board.

  • Essex Audi

    Essex Audi Group is a family run business focussing on the prestige car market. A prestige brand such as Audi needs little introduction however in today's ever more competitive market, creating an effective advertising and marketing campaign is always challenging. However by utilising new media opportunities such as email marketing, PPC advertising and ongoing monitoring of effectiveness, they continue to succeed, epitomising the 'Vorsprung durch Technik' motto.

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